Surf lessons in Batz-sur-Mer

Surf in the Loire-Atlantique and Morbihan departments

Discover surf in all the sea conditions !

Your surf instructor is at your disposal to guide and supervise you according to the programme and the adapted lessons. He prepares you a weather check-up and an analysis of the sea conditions, in order to determine the best way to surf.

In this way, your instructor gives you some wise advices for your safety. He helps you to choose the ideal board depending on the wave intensity and your level.

Thanks to a thorough monitoring, a complete check-up of your progression will be given to you. Your surf monitor helps you to choose other physical interdisciplinary activities as swimming, cycling, running, combat sports…

On the edge of the ocean and standing on your board, learn how to master the waves !

Book your lesson !

SURF & RESCUE School proposes you surfing lessons from June until September in Erdeven on Kerhillio beach. In Batz-sur-Mer and Pornichet, the lessons are available throughout the year.

Des cours de surf à Batz Sur Mer

Pilates surf lessons

Pilates surf is an activity inspired by the relaxation exercises.

This method gives you the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the abdominal area
  • Manage the breathing and effort
  • Have a physical ease
  • Have a good position
  • Have a good body balance

For further information or registration, please contact your surf monitor in Batz-sur-Mer. The price of the internship includes the equipment loan and civil liability insurance.