Inshore rescue in Batz-Sur-Mer

Inshore rescue sessions: SURF & RESCUE School

Lifesaving sport is characterised by the multitude of its events. Those ones can be practised at sea, in a lake or a swimming pool. Concerning the inshore rescue, it’s between the beach and the sea.

This activity helps you to become more independent and responsible in the aquatic environment. The lessons focus on the different ways of swimming, running and learning how to save a life and also yours.

Your inshore rescue trainer put at your disposal a defined program in an adequate space.

Equiped with a board and a kayak, he guarantees you the use of an equipment that complies with the current standard.

Regardless of your age, you can practise this discipline in the following manner:

  • Running on the sand
  • Swimming (Surf Race)
  • The Board Race (Paddle Board)
  • Ski Surf (kayak)
  • The Beach Flag
  • Sprint
  • The Running-Swimming-Running
Sauvetage côtier à Batz Sur Mer

The commitments of your inshore rescue instructor

To bring you the best moments, your instructor ensures you:

  • A personal guidance
  • An organised coaching
  • A good time
  • A suitable equipment

For further information, please contact your inshore rescue instructor in Batz-sur-Mer.