Aquatic hiking at Bart-sur-Mer

Aquatic hiking near Erdeven

For private individuals, groups or works councils, your surf school proposes you aquatic hiking lessons. On sandy beaches and with or without paddle, you walk through the sea until the diaphragm. The water level must reach your waist.

This activity is a new theme of hiking, also called the aquatic hiking. It has beneficial effects on your body (heart, legs, back and muscles). With this one, you can:

  • Keep your figure
  • Balance your body and position
  • Develop the muscles of your legs, buttocks and arms
  • Stimulate the venous return
  • Relieve the heavy legs
  • Eliminate cellulite and the unnecessary kilos
  • Fight against stress and depression

Longe côte à Batz Sur Mer

Practise aquatic hiking : how does it work?

To practise this discipline, you need a paddle, a wetsuit and a surf trainer. Nicolas Le Cossec supervises the lessons and moves throughout the lesson. You can walk, trot around, jump, move backwards, do the conga...

Walk through the water is an excellent activity for the good breathing thanks to oxygen and iodine.

You should know that the water temperature must be between 12 and 13 degree Celsius to burn calories.

For further information, please contact your aquatic hiking trainer in Batz-sur-Mer